Quit Spinning Your Wheels

Our world is changing so fast we expect instant results with minimal effort. Remember the scene in the Matrix where Neo ask Trinity, “Can you fly that helicopter?” Tank downloads the ability to fly the helicopter to Trinity, who can now pilot the aircraft, instantly!

What does this have to do with Internet marketing, you may be asking? People are searching for knowledge that produces instant results to a problem they are trying to solve. And they are willing to pay for solutions to their problem. This is an incredible opportunity.

As consumers we are condition to expect instant results. After all, it’s in our DNA. So, why not expect instant success with our home-based business? To answer this fundamental question, we need to examine the relationship between entrepreneur and consumer.

First let’s look at what it means to be an “Entrepreneur?”

What does Dictionary.com say on the subject?

Entrepreneur – n. A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture.

What is missing from that definition? Entrepreneurs also reap rewards. Being an entrepreneur is an up and down affair, but when we stop to think about it, so is life. Now, let me give you an example using a business that I once owned. I started a photography business where I provided images to advertising agencies. I started this business at a time when producing photography was highly technical. Believe it or not, this was before digital photography. Advertising agencies would pay handsomely for images that would motivate their client’s customers to buy. Today because of the advancement of technology that industry has gotten much small.

Why did this happen? Most people would say technology change the industry. And most people would be half right. What has changed is the perception of value within the industry.

Having a business means, you should no longer think about having instant results from your business. However, when you help people to solve their problems instantly, this creates value! And then the money will follow.

I gave you one example of what no longer works. So, let me now give you an example of what does work. What do people perceive as being valuable today and in the future? Research shows us that today people want to learn about how to handle their relationships, how to stay healthy and fit, and how to handle their money or get more of it.

Now think about narrowing your niche. The reason you take this next step is because it is much easier to compete in a smaller niche than trying to compete in a huge niche, like weight loss. Here is an example. A regular guy from Seattle named John Gallagher made $20,000 launching his product. John’s niche is edible and medicinal plants. This case study shows people will pay money for unique knowledge about their health.

Your task is to pick an area you have knowledge in. People will spend money in subjects about money, relationship, or health. Now, drill down in your unique area, and then deliver your unique knowledge instantly 24/7 using the power of the internet. That will give you an instant foundation to build your home business on.

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