The Law of Attraction has its roots in history, but the modern version of the Law of Attraction is essentially this: your thoughts determine your reality. What this is saying is that the quality of your thoughts, whether they’re positive or negative, will determine the direction your life will take, either positive or negative. Positive thoughts attract positive actions. Negative thoughts garner negative outcomes. So how do you get something you really want? Think about it in a positive way.

The Law of Attraction stems from theories developed in Quantum Physics. Thoughts have energy. The energy from those thoughts attracts like energy. You need to focus on four steps in order to control your thoughts and develop your ability to attract positive energy.

First, you need to focus on what you want. Define it and quantify it if you can. Then you need to ask the universe for what you want. After you ask for it, you need to act as though you expect what you asked for to come your way. You need to be confident in your thoughts, feelings and actions that what you asked for is going to be your. The last step in the process is to be open to receiving what you asked for and to let go of the outcome. During this process, you need to avoid any negative thinking. In general, negative energy attracts negative energy and negative outcomes, so it’s best to try to avoid all negative thinking in general. But especially when you’re focusing on a specific thought, try to remain as positive as you are able.

So, how can this Law of Attraction help you with your home based business? Following the principles outlined above, the first step is to define what you want. Perhaps your business has a service component and you want to increase your client base. You need to then ask the universe for an increased client base. And then, the most important part of the process occurs. You need to act like what you asked for is going to happen. And don’t be surprised when it does!

So just thinking positively is going to bring more people to your business? No. The Law of Attraction can help you focus on certain, specific aspects of your home based business and then acting in such a way as to create positive results. How would you act if you had a bigger client base? How would you reach those clients? How would you act if you had more clients and you wanted to keep them? Addressing those questions can help you better structure your business practices in order to bring about the changes you want to see. The Law of Attraction isn’t just about making a wish and sitting back and hoping that it comes true. It’s about defining goals and acting in a manner that will bring about the achievement of those goals. Positive thoughts bring about positive actions and reactions.

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