About Steven Keltsch

I’m Steven Keltsch CEO of Outrageous Digital. Our agency specializes in helping small to medium size business develop their digital marketing. 


Learn about the 6 phases of Social Media Engine. How to setup what we call plumbing, which is measuring your success using analytics. How best to establishing your goals? Learn how to use content to drive conversions. I will explain in a step-by-step strategy, how targeting the right audience who’s most interested in what you are selling. After you have found your audience how to scale through amplification. And finally, how to use optimization, learning what’s working and what’s not working.

I’ve been a digital marketer since 2010. Some of my other qualifications include:

  • Certified Digital Marketing Agency, (CDMA) from Vendasta
  • Platinum Author Certification from Ezine Articles
  • SEO Expert 15 hours of status awarded from LinkedIn Learning
Certified Digital Marketing Agency from BlitzMetrics

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