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Do you want to know how your brand is performing as compared to your competitors? Outrageous Digital can help you out.

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Monitor Your Company’s Performance

Brand analytics is used to better understand how a brand is performing online—how a brand is perceived and received. Utilizing social media metrics for user engagement and brand health allows you to measure the public reception and recognition of your brand. By leveraging the insights gained from brand analytics, firms can not only better understand their own presence online but also carry out competitor benchmarking, letting them compare their brand health to that of their rivals. An organization can use brand analytics to optimize its digital campaigns, content development, and other marketing and communications initiatives by gaining a wide range of practical insights. Using the right tool, you can monitor and proactively protect your brand’s online reputation while making sure your brand messaging and content resonate with your audience.

How We Can Help

  • See how and where your locations are listed on directories, review sites, and social networks.
  • We do not impose any restrictions on the number of locations that can be added to reports.
  • You can take a look at how your business is performing across locations through monthly reports.
  • You can post on multiple social media sites at the same time.
  • You can better manage your time and effort by correctly identifying the locations where your business is performing the best and the worst.